Signs You May be A Drunk #13 (Forgetfulness)

Speaker of the House John Boehner has made been very vocal about his desire to slash the Congressional budget and trim wasteful government programs. In the past year he’s made numerous public statements about reducing spending, and ThinkProgress recently included links to promises to reduce the budget:

We need to cut spending. That’s what the American people want. That’s what the economy needs.” [12/17/10]

“Let’s be clear, if we actually want to help our economy get back on track and to begin creating jobs, we need to end the job-killing spending binge. We need to cut spending significantly.” [12/17/10]

“Our new majority will prepare to do things differently, to take a new approach that hasn’t been tried in Washington before by either party. It starts with cutting spending instead of increasing it.” [11/3/10]

We will not solve our fiscal challenges until we cut spending.” [8/25/10]

“If we want to solve the budget problem, we’ve got to have a healthy economy and we have to get our arms around the runaway spending that’s going on in Washington, D.C.” [8/9/10]

“And if in fact we’re elected to the majority you’re going to see us cut spending. You’re going to see us revive the economy and reform the way Congress does it job.” [10/5/10]

If the lame-duck Congress is unwilling to cut spending and permanently stop all the tax hikes, the new House majority will act in January.” [12/1/10]

Republicans have been consistently focused on offering better solutions to cut spending now.” [6/21/10]

We will never get our economy out of the ditch until we cut spending and have real economic growth.” [8/30/10]

Unfortunately, when Boehner was recently given an opportunity before a national television audience and asked by Brian Williams to name a program – one stinking program – he’d cut, he simply couldn’t remember any off of the top of his head…WTF?  How are you not prepared for that question?

WILLIAMS: Name a program right now that we could do without.

BOEHNER: I don’t think I have one off the top of my head.

How about this response from the same interview:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: When you go home next, is there a sidewalk, a place, a person that’s kind of a talisman to grab onto? Again, talkin’ about strength and the new job?

JOHN BOEHNER: Well, I get strength every day just uh, going to my Facebook site.

Seriously.  We couldn’t make this stuff up.

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