Signs You May Be a Drunk #8 (Denial)

I call bullshit…

(BONUS SIGN YOU MAY BE A DRUNK: Random Vomiting.  I’m pretty sure Boehner just narrowly missed an up-chuck around the 1:59 mark in this video)

9 Responses to Signs You May Be a Drunk #8 (Denial)

  1. Justin says:

    Just once, just ONCE, I’d like the MSM to take this redonkalous “if it comes out of our bodies, it can’t be bad” argument of dumbasses like Boner and Palin to its “reductio ad absurdum” conclusion: Republicans are coprophages.

  2. James says:

    Wow, I would really like to get a hold of the top-secret research Boehner has seen claiming that carbon dioxide is a carcinogen! boy, if that’s true, I’m in big trouble, I exhale it like all the time! Also, he seems to have an inside track on these very special cows that are not farting out methane gas, but more of that carbon dioxide. Gimme some of whatever he’s drinkin!

  3. Don Nelson says:

    Well Boehner, if it comes out of your body then it can’t be bad for you, eat ****. That will prove your point to all of us.

  4. izzydoesit says:

    It’s tempting to throw more gas on the fire except for the terrifying truth that a vehement drunk with no moral ground and little apparent intelligence inhabits such a persuasive position in Congress.

  5. TerriKH says:

    Did he say “we’re going to shit jobs overseas”?

  6. Palli says:

    Late to the viewing but…isn’t he reading cue cards a lot? Sure looks “sick” to me–frozen, filling his mouth with air before opening to pronounce a word, unblinking eyes, lazy droop of the head, gaps haltered speech in unusual places, repetition of George’s name as if he has to remind himself.

  7. Drunk or sober it is a disgrace to this country that
    a person of such low intellect and political persuasion
    can achieve a position of such importance.

  8. How such a person achieved such political power is a
    statement of the intelligence level of the people of this country.

  9. Sally says:

    He is a male version of Sarah Palin.

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