Party Time!!!! Excellent!

Congratulations are in order to John Boehner as he fought off a late challenge by Rep. Dan Lungren of California, detractors and other haters alike,  re-securing his  position as the highest ranking minority member of the House earlier today.  Up until two weeks ago, Boehner was the Minority Leader. Now that his former title has been claimed by President-elect Barack Obama, Boehner’s title will officially be changed to “The Number One Rich, Old White Dude.”

Boehner remarked:

From the Northeast to the Deep South, there is a distrust of big government that will only intensify in the months ahead. This is an opportunity we haven’t had in years. We have to seize it — together.

I wasn´t born a Republican … I didn´t know I was a Republican until I woke up one day in a pool of my own vomit and realized my wallet was missing.

It’s clear Republicans must find new ways to reconnect with the American people and address their priorities…Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get shit-faced.

Something tells me a liquid celebration is in order tonight.  And there’s good news for the Boehner Camp – Bourbon is On Sale at Schneider’s of Capitol Hill!

2 Responses to Party Time!!!! Excellent!

  1. Matt Zamora says:

    Yup nothing racist about calling him “The Number One Rich, Old White Dude.”
    Keep living the lie. Racist PIG.

    • boehnerbooze says:

      HAha. Relax dude, this is satire. The comment was made to display the Democrat’s dismissiveness of Boehner’s elected position.

      This may surprise you, but I’m a hardcore Republican. And I actually like Boehner.

      Blog is just to have some fun. Cheers.

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