John Boehner Drunk at the Republican National Convention

We all know Rep. John Boehner likes to booze it up at the Republican National Convention – but couldn’t he lay off of the sauce DURING THE FLOOR ACTION?

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Thank you bartender, may I have another?

boehner-flag Did he really say “Mr. Plesident” at 5:36:56? And, just in case you have trouble viewing the videos above [WARNING: the audio isn’t as good in the Youtube clip as it is in the CSPAN clips above, but content is the same]

POSTSCRIPT: Well, it turns out that the internet has been scrubbed of Boehner’s Day 3 speech.  You can find video of Boehner from Day 2 (wearing the green tie), but you cannot find video of Day 3, where John was plastered (wearing blue tie).

CSPAN has taken all of the Youtube videos down, and they no longer include a link to Boehner on Day 2 on their archive site.

Conspiracy?  Random chance?  Not wanting to offend the new Majority Leader?

Regardless, Boehner’s drunken diatribe at the Republican National Convention is what started this whole blog.  It’s a shame the video has become an urban myth.

I know it happened.  I was there.  It was all the talk of the Convention as things winded down.

I will continue to look for video evidence and update this page once it surfaces, but in the meantime if any readers stumble across this video, please drop us a line.  Remember, it’s day 3, with the big gavel where Boehner is wearing the blue tie.

3 Responses to John Boehner Drunk at the Republican National Convention

  1. What’s with the hair.
    He looks like Howdy Doody!

    In fact, the whole bunch of them are make-overs from the Howdy Doody Show!

    Revealed here for the first time!!!!

  2. James Babcock says:

    Why are you trying to do away with health care? Do you own health care? You must own some health care system that you might lose money on. Or, you are against what the democratic party passed into law. I have been on social security disability since 1992. I went to college and recieved my bachelores degree and the only job I found with health insurance was a minimum wage job. I could not afford to pay rent with that job. I am back on social security making less than a $1000 a month. I hope that you use your mind and not your ass and stop this. I can see that you are against the democrats by passing this bill into law and I ask that you keep it into law.


  3. C. Adams says:

    All I can say is……………WOW

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